Inboard vs boosted

Both boards go forwards and backward at full speed. The Boosted has a top speed of a true 22 miles an hour, while Inboard claims 22 for its board. They both weigh in at around 15 pounds and the Inboard has integrated headlights and taillights, that you can turn off if you want — something that boosts it completely lacks.

Key difference number one — the way the motors are designed. The Boosted boards belt drive system allows it to be way more torque and was more responsive than the amours, but you need to replace these and you need a three millimeter alley key to do so. The M1 board uses hub motors, everything is inside the wheels. The drawbacks are: you sacrifice torque and responsiveness. Belt rip, wear and tear — it happens. The belts allow for immediate action, which means the Boosted board accelerates much faster and is just more responsive in general.

Key difference number two: the way the boards are constructed. The Boosted board components are all visible on the underside of the deck. And then there are the decks themselves: Boosted uses loaded longboards, which are bamboo and super flexible.

Boosted Stealth Vs Carbon GTR

You can literally bounce on them. This really helps with bumps and shock absorption. The Inboard is made of a composite wooden material. And the third and final key difference between the two boards: the swappable batteries. Both boards have battery systems, that let the user replace the batteries, but the Inboard solution is untouchable. It literally takes 10 seconds to swap Inboard batteries.

Boosted has these six screws in these plates and then this other connector. Both boards have a range of about 4 to 5 miles when riding at full speed on the highest mode which is pretty good result for electric skateboards. Slipping is a real thing, trust me on this. Both boards have a companion app, that allows you to do things like change riding modes, check the battery and rename your board, but the inn boards app lets you control the board with your phone!

And I know this is impossible for a lot of first-time buyers, but if you can spend a couple of minutes tinkering with one.In recent years, the number of electric skateboards has literally exploded. Especially in the premium segment. And after a successful Kickstarter campaign, they grew into a successful company offering high-quality electric transportation products. In particular, they pride themselves on their great customer service, so if you have any sort of issues with your M1 board, getting help is very easy.

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Like other high-end electric skateboards Evolve, Boosted, etcthe Inboard M1 has a smooth slick design and a powerful motor that fits into compact spaces. However, the M1 has some unique features that set them apart from their competitors. The motor is what really makes the M1 Inboard special.

The board is powered by dual In-Hub motorsa technology that requires no gears and no belts. This innovation offers smooth acceleration with little to no resistance, allowing the Inboard M1 to roll pretty much like a conventional skateboard.

The best electric skateboards for 2020

With In-Hub motors there are no bulky external drive train parts to get in the way like on Boosted boardsgiving the Inboard M1 a high-tech look and feel. And with a top speed of 22 mph getting your adrenaline fix should be no problemo. Not to mention the motor is as quiet as it gets. The Inboard M1 is also equipped with The range is one of the few negative things about this board. However, Inboard has developed a unique swappable battery technology, and a spare battery can be swapped in seconds.

Consequently, the range is vastly improved, and extra portable batteries can be purchased directly from the Inboard website. Finally, the Inboard M1 has three rider modes: beginnerintermediateand advanced. Each mode has different top speed and acceleration, making it easy for every type of rider to enjoy this board. And as you progress and get more comfortable, you can switch to a more advanced mode.

The Inboard M1 electric skateboard comes with a The deck is made from composite with a core that combines inverted 3D Poplar wood with full sandwich PU sidewalls. The deck is designed to be stiff, allowing for higher speed and stability. Moreover, the deck has bright LED lights on the nose and tail, making the board much more visible in the dark.

This is a great safety feature.Thanks for checking out this post! Electric Bike Place is all about having fun and experiencing biking and skating to its fullest. Learn more and visit our blog here This past week we were fortunate enough to receive the new Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard to demo. With the motors incorporated within the wheels on the board, the M1 brings something truly unique to the electric skateboard market. Not only does this give the board a very streamlined, clean look, but it also allows the board to roll freely like a traditional skateboard.

This is distinct from brands such as Boosted, Yuneec, or Evolve that utilize a belt-drive system to power the board. Fortunately, we still had a first generation Boosted Single Electric Skateboard at the shop to compare against the M1. How does it stack up? Read on for our first impressions. The M1 is very cleanly and deliberately packed, and comes with a bag for transporting the board a great addition for travel. The board requires little assembly — you simply connect the battery, place a rubber gasket around the edge of the battery cavity, and secure the compartment cover by hand twisting the plastic latch 90 degrees.

This makes the battery easily accessible and swappable, allowing you to easily extend the range of your board by carrying additional batteries. This differs from first generation non-swappable Boosted Boards, which require the untightening of six hex screws to access the battery. The battery does need to be removed to be charged on the M1, the charger securing magnetically to the battery pack. Its ergonomic shape fits naturally over your hand, and stays in place even if you open your palm.

For power delivery, you simply hold the front button and roll the joystick forward. It feels very much like a Wii Nunchuk. If you prefer the remote without the tail, it can be simply removed with the aid of a screwdriver. The board can be synced and controlled with your iPhone via their app.

Front and back lights turn on upon powering up the board. These can be turned off by holding the front trigger and clicking the power button once.Simply put, humanity is living in the golden age of rideable technologyand we love it. In fact, there are almost too many rideables to keep track of, and the gear seems to get crazier and more advanced with each passing month.

We got our hands on some of the mightiest e-boards in the industry, looking at criteria like durability, battery life, ease of use, and price. Why you should buy this electric skateboard: The Boosted Stealth combines comfort, performance, and durability, making for the ultimate ride.

inboard vs boosted

It all starts with the Super Flex composite deck, an adaptive, concave platform designed for comfortable long-haul riding across multiple terrain types. The 85mm Stratus wheels are extremely grippy, a good safety consideration but a slight hindrance for performance riders who want to pull off moves and weave through crowds.

Boosted makes some of the best electric longboards in the biz, and the Mini is no exception. Our favorite? The deck. This makes it much easier to whip the board around and perform tight turns when necessary.

On cheaper boards, acceleration and braking are either too fast and jarring or too mellow and sluggish, but Boosted boards strike a perfect balance. The Boosted Mini X feels powerful yet controlled under your feet, allowing you to ride confidently no matter what your skill level.

This board is absolutely ideal for commuters. Electric skateboards now come in just about every shape, size, and configuration, but the folks at Meepo are determined to make theirs one of the strongest, thanks to four watt hub motors.

inboard vs boosted

It tops out at 34mph, can accelerate in 2. The only downside?

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The board is a bit heavy, weighing in at 23 pounds. One of our favorite things about the Skatebolt Tornado II is the bevy of great safety features the board comes loaded with — and at a fairly low cost.

For starters, the deck is made of eight layers of Northeast maple, supporting rider weights up to pounds. The wider deck and bigger wheel axels distribute weight smoothly and evenly, making for a sturdy cruise at nearly any speed. The remote features a backlit LCD screen for checking speed, battery life, and brake mode, along with buttons for switching board direction and engaging cruise control.

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We also love the two red LED taillights, which is a great safety feature for cruising around closer to dark or in more crowded spots where directional and hazard lights are key for drivers and pedestrians. The only drawback we can think of is battery life. While the board can crank out about 15 miles on a single charge, a handful of Tornado II owners have complained about the battery taking a while to fully charge.Once considered a pipe dream, the concept of an electric-powered skateboard as a viable means of transportation is here.

The boards themselves are incredibly advanced, powerful, and reliable — and they might just represent a paradigm shift when it comes to personal transportation.

Seriously, get excited. You might be wondering. Honestly, no.

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And more than pleasantly surprised. Just like one of those snowboard things, your body is traveling directionally forward, while your feet are pointed sideways.

That alone requires a certain degree of balance and coordination, which most human beings come equipped with. Anyone can learn how to skateboard, and everyone can appreciate them.

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My advice when starting out is simple: take it easy. Kick push the board as you would with a normal skateboard, and then slowly engage the throttle. Unless of course you want to throw yourself off the board, in which case, by all means — stand completely still on the board and try going full speed.

As you might have observed — at a quick glance, the two boards are fairly similar, if only comparing the specs.

Speaking strictly from the perspective of aesthetics, the M1 is nothing short of jaw-dropping. If the goal was to make this board look stunningly modern, then Inboard did exactly that. Oh, and did we mention that the M1 has LED headlights and taillights, which feature prominently on the board. Winner: Inboard M1. The M1 has a wider board, and looks more hi-tech. To each his own, but the Inboard just looks better. Both boards are capable of hitting speeds up to 22mph.

Again, let us know how you feel once you hit the top speed on either of these electric skateboards. Either way, both boards are more than fast enough to provide a thrill. How long can you ride for?

How long does it take to charge?Learn more about how and why we started our company. See what's different about our line of health food products. New snacks on sale now for a limited time! Boosted USA acquired all of the remaining inventory directly from Boosted. There's never been an electric scooter quite like this. Speed past traffic at 24 mph.

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Go up to 22 miles on a single charge. You'll get there in no time at all. Stop and go with the roll of your thumb. Boosted is known for its premium performance boards offering a next-level experience.

With optional extended battery life, you can get wherever you need to go reliably. Boosted products are engineered to last for years and are extremely reliable.

Search 0 Cart. Meet our new product. Nutritional and convenient, only calories per serving. Our Story. Our Products. Back in stock! Looking for Boosted Boards, or Boosted Revs? Shop Boosted Boards In Stock. Shop Boosted Revs In Stock.Of the electric skateboard brands on the market today, Boosted and Evolve are probably the two most popular. Since both these boards are the most expensive and the highest performing of both brands, it only seems fair we compare the two together. But the GTR has three different purchasing options.

As the name suggests, the street version comes with street style wheels which are perfect for rolling on flat pavement. Lastly, the 2 in 1 comes with both street and all-terrain wheels which you can swap at your liking. Not bad at all if you ask me! The cheaper version electric longboards, both these boards offer a lower price without sacrificing too much performance and may be a much better option for those who want to save a few.

A 22 mph top speed and a 14 mile range is great! Both the Boosted Mini Boards and the Evolve Stoked are the cheapest, more compact, smaller and lighter boards offered by both companies. An important aspect to consider when purchasing any product, is the service and support you receive from the company. I agree to subscribe to updates from Immortal Boards.

Close menu. Which Electric Skateboards Are Better? Both Boosted and Evolve offer very high quality boards with impeccable performance. Not to mention all the fantastic reviews left by the thousands of riders.

Inboard M1 vs. Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboard: Which One Should You Buy?

At the current moment, Boosted sells 4 different electric skateboards. Boosted Stealth 2. Boosted Plus 3. Boosted Mini X 4.

Boosted Mini S When you look at Evolve, they sell 3 different e-boards on their website. Evolve Carbon GTR 2. Evolve Bamboo GTR 3. Evolve Stoke But when its time for a head to head matchup, which brand wins? After all, we do want to find the one true ruler. Boosted Stealth Vs Carbon GTR Since both these boards are the most expensive and the highest performing of both brands, it only seems fair we compare the two together. All terrain comes with large thicker wheels made for hitting the dirt and going off-roading.

Second, it has a better hill climb rate. Boosted Stealth Vs Bamboo GTR The cheaper version electric longboards, both these boards offer a lower price without sacrificing too much performance and may be a much better option for those who want to save a few. Again, Evolve takes this one with a much overall and better performing board. The only real difference between the two is the deck.

inboard vs boosted

Service and Support An important aspect to consider when purchasing any product, is the service and support you receive from the company.

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